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Version 1.0 wishlist

Postby fiezi on Mon Apr 11, 2011 2:14 pm

Hello everybody,

here is a list of features I would like to work on for version 1.0 of the software (in no specific order):

    * make propertyButtons nice and non-text-entry-only
    * add gizmos for moving/rotating both objects and the scene-view
    * add settings menu
    * add traditional menu-bar
    * switch saving/loading to OS default dialogs
    * add orbit-functionality and other ways of navigation to scene view
    * make curveable Grid and implement Grid-snap-to-view functionality
    * rotational objects and symmetrical drawing
    * pen-drawing (straight lines, polygonal lines)
    * brush draws primitives
    * primitives to play around with
    * smoother drawing ( automatic closing of gaps)
    * bounding boxes and better communication of selection and current drawing
    * adjustable text and menu sizes
    * simple localization options
    * Intel OpenGL 2.0 fixes
    * variable mouse-images for better functionality communication
    * lots of documentation (and not just video tutorials...)
    * in-App documentation
    * example projects for most uses
    * example code for processing, arduino, openFrameworks
    * thorough integration of external tools such as AudioInput, processing/Arduino,Kinect, etc...
    * better scene object management
    * Node management functions (containers, etc.)
    * optimizations for renderer
    * move away from GLUT and do proper per-OS windowing
    * integrate TouchOSC protocol
    * more robust COLLADA import (textures, animations)

If you have ideas on what you would like Moviesandbox to be able to do, please share them in this thread!
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